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I saw the episodes they were in and I was just all over the place. 

So In English…

Alright, so we have five weeks and a day left until school’s out. Until I’m a freshman. I want to post this now before my parents chew me out for having a D+ in Pre-Alg so….. get ready for my lecture on Hitler and World War II. 

Right, so in English, my teacher, Ms. Mousel (Mo-sel), is a World War II fanatic. She gets worked up about it and racial things because her daughter is bi-racial. But we’re starting a two class thing on the whole World War II ordeal. Ms. Mousel will teach us in English. Mr. Crawford will teach us in Civics. After we finish our mock trial there, we go on to WW2, and we’ll be caught up with English. 

So I’m reading My Brother’s Voice by Stephen Nasser, a Hungarian Jew who was taken from his home and recorded every last moment on cement paper. I haven’t finished the book, but my friend Kaleb says it’s good, Ms. Mousel says she didn’t cry till the end because she was so numb, and my friend Khloe said she cried in the middle and at the end. This paragraph doesn’t have a lot to do with what I’m about to rant about Stephen would be nearly 90 or maybe past that point by now. He had to wait until his uncle died to tell it. The cover even says “A Story Kept Secret Over Fifty Years.” But, here’s where it starts. 

I was walking home from school with one of my best friends, Tyler, and we were talking about WW2. I turned to her and I said, 

"You know, if we lived back then, we’d probably be dead by now." And she kind of looks me over and says,

"Not you. You have the blonde hair and green…. green and blue eyes. You don’t know which color they are." So, Tyler is a bit Puerto Rican and Mexican, she’s got dark hair (she dyes it all the time though) and tan skin, but she’s only a little lighter than me in winter. No sun, no tan. But I smiled at her. 

"You would be. You don’t have the blonde hair and blue eyes. He’d think you weren’t ‘pure.’" And she laughs, and after a minute I did too and she says, 

"But he wasn’t even blonde haired or blue eyed. He was part Jewish, too!" Because he was. Hitler was a special type of demented. And let me tell you, the whole conversation started because of God. I told her that Presbyterians and Baptists scared me because I’ve always called them Die-Hard Followers. They remind me of Supernatural fans sometimes…. and I am a Supernatural fan. And then I’d said that I thought Hitler was following what he thought God wanted. And I told her about the elementary thing of the "We are all God’s children, therefore we’re all related in some twisted way." But as we got closer to her house, I said that he’d killed himself, Hitler had. 

"It wasn’t because he thought what he did was wrong," I told Tyler, "it was because he knew he was going to be caught." And she looks at me and says,

"You don’t know people’s feelings." And I tried to talk, 

"That’s not what I-" but she cuts me off,

"What am I feeling right now? Am I happy, am I sad, am I angry, am I tired? How do you know what he felt?" And I just looked at her.

"Why are you defending him? We all know what he did was so far beyond wrong even Satan wouldn’t want him." Even though I didn’t say it, I’m pretty sure it’s true. And she says,

"I’m not defending him! It’s just that you don’t know what his feelings were." And so we argued. Only a little thing. I told her that he’d taken young children and enlisted them to fight for him. He’d taken Jewish, Native Americans, Gypsies, you name it, and thrown them into concentration camps all over the world because he thought they were impure. But it wasn’t like the US was any better. What we did to the Japanese was wrong and we should all know that. What happened during that war should never have happened. Hitler did that to them because the Jews were well off. They were doing well after WW1 while Germany was in shambles. 

People will listen when they need a miracle. They listened to the wrong man. Stalin…. Hitler…. a few of many horrible people out there who seek to make others’ lives a living Hell until they wish for nothing more but the sweet release that Death brings. And I turned to Tyler before we parted ways and said, 
"He did all that…. and you think he felt sorry for murdering millions of people? Causing this huge genocide that never needed to occur?" And she smiles a little. 

"No." she said. Then we parted ways and I like to talk to myself. I was walking to my house and said to myself, 

"But I still think America was a better place then than it is now."

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leprecon-twerk-team replied to your quote “Saint Bartleby’s School for Young Gentlemen Annual Report Student:…”

what a little brat omfg. i love him.

Ha ha ha, yeah, I’m currently training to be a teacher and right now I have no idea how on Earth I would handle having Artemis in my class! :D

I want him in all my classes. All of them. Even P.E. Especially P.E. 

"Come on, Artemis. You don’t walk, you run." and Butler’d be there just pointing out the rest of us. And when we get yelled at by Clint or J Jense…. Butler’d be there with the best advice ever. 

"Don’t do what they did." 



"I’ll never lose sight of that again."


first of all hOW DARE YOU

And once again, Arthur and Merlin have prevailed in one other quest. Interfering with the feels of the Merlin fans with their everything. 

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